Refurbished Gilchrist No. 31 Ice Cream Scoop


This scoop is a time machine of good memories. As a kid growing up immersed within the family business of operating a local diner, Johnny's early memories are steeped in the richness of this fast paced and hands-on environment. These Gilchrist scoops are a tool of the trade and served as a catalyst for his passion for craft. The saying 'they don't make them like they used to' couldn't be truer with these intricate and extremely functional workhorses.  

Received heavily used and slightly broken, this scoop has been lovingly dissembled, cleaned, then reborn with a smooth maple handle ready and eager for it's next fifty years.   

Size: 10-1/2" long.

Scoop: 2".

Ready to ship.


Hand wash with care and dry thoroughly. Avoid submerging in warm soapy water.

This piece is accompanied by a care kit consisting of a small tin with a food-safe concoction of beeswax and mineral oil. As needed, lightly sand using the paper provided (600 grit) and use the cloth to apply the mixture.