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Discover unique and timeless objects of adornment 

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Discover unique and timeless handcrafted fine jewelry and non-traditional engagement rings by Ninos Studio.

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Explore one-of-a kind paintings and studies on paper

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Artful Essentials. Explore one of a kind paintings and studies on paper. Textural abstract art by Ninos Studio.

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Explore handcrafted goods for the home, crafted with care by Ninos Studio.
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Johnny Ninos at the bench. Ninos Studio.

Johnny Ninos

Ashleigh Ninos in the studio. Ninos Studio.

Ashleigh Ninos

Meet the Makers

We are Johnny and Ashleigh Ninos and together we design and craft objects that encourage an appreciation for the fine details that enrich our everyday. With practiced hands and equal value placed on form and function, Ninos Studio aims to offer heirloom designs that are as loved by their owners as they were in process. 

Who We Are
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