Our Story

Johnny and Ashleigh Ninos (knee-nos) met in 2003 while studying art at Alfred University, receiving their respective BFAs in sculpture and painting. With a collective passion for making things, paired with a diverse set of skills under their belts, they continued creating work post-college while teaching in the visual arts for over 10 years.

Finn in the studio with Johnny

Finn in the studio with Johnny

The Ninos Family

The Ninos Family

In 2018, they decided to take their work to a new collaborative level, fusing their love for designing well-crafted objects for the home, hand, and wall; Ninos Studio was born.

With practiced hands and equal value placed on form and function, Ninos Studio aims to offer heirloom designs that are as loved by their owners as they were in process.

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Our Process

Take a peek behind the scenes at our inspirations and process.

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