Barnacle Bead Stack of Four

From $1,540.00 | Handmade to Order

Barnacle Beads: small, delicate, and packed with character.

This necklace is super fun and packed with variety and versatility.  Constructed in your metal of choice and containing a total of 9 white diamonds ranging in size from 1.2 - 1.5mm.  Each Bead is slightly smaller than a standard green pea, and each holds its own unique design but plays well with it's fellow chain gliders.

As this piece is made to order in your metal of choice, you are also given the option to choose between a 16" and 18" 1.1mm cable chain.

If you're looking for Barnacle Beads sold individually, please visit this listing. 

Handmade to order. Ships in 4-6 weeks.