Palladium Silver Barnacle Ring #4

$280.00 | Ready to Ship

This classic barnacle ring contains three center clustered lab grown rubies ranging in size from 1.5mm - 2.5mm.

The metal used in this ring is not your average sterling silver. With the use of palladium in the mix, there is more tarnish resistance, strength, and value. As far as the range of silver options out there, this one is in a category of its own. 

This ring is ready to ship in a size 5.5, and can be sized up to one full size in either direction (please specify at checkout).  If you have your heart set on this ring but need a different size than what is available, please contact us.

Ready to ship. Please allow 1-2 days if sizing is necessary.


Soak your jewelry in warm soapy water for a few minutes before rubbing it gently with a soft toothbrush. This should remove any buildup of dirt without being too abrasive or damaging the texture of the gold.