Post Earrings (Sold Individually)

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Build your own asymmetrical set! These little lovelies are sold individually and offer so much uniqueness in one tiny package. Wear only one or line them up in a mixed grouping. The possibilities aren't endless but there sure are a lot of them! They are all 18k yellow gold and sport black and white diamonds, details below.

#1: 8.5mm x 4.25mm, With three 1.5mm white diamonds -    $375 (SOLD)

#2: 7mm x 4.75mm, With three 1.2mm - 1.5mm white diamonds - $395 (SOLD)

#3: 5.4mm x 3.6mm, With one 2.4mm white diamond - $390 (SOLD)

#4: 7mm x 6.5mm, With two 1.2mm - 1.8mm white diamonds - $420

#5: 7.2mm x 6.4mm, With one 1.5mm white diamond - $310 (SOLD)

#6: 6.2mm x 6.5mm, With one 1.5mm black diamond - $265 (SOLD)

#7: 6mm x 3.2mm, With two 1.5mm - 2mm white diamonds - $265 (SOLD)

#8: 14.5mm x 3mm, With three 1.8mm black diamonds - $400 (SOLD)

#9: 5mm x 6mm, With three 1.5mm - 2mm white diamonds - $430 (SOLD)

#10: 4mm x 4.5mm, With one 1.8mm white diamond - $285 (SOLD)

#11: 6mm x 6.5mm, With one 1.5mm white diamond - $330 (SOLD)

#12: 2.8mm x 4.2mm, With one 1.5mm black diamond - $240 (SOLD)

Each order will come with a custom made Ninos Studio box, perfect for gifting! 


Ready to ship.