Over-Under. White Abstract Painting, Handcrafted Frame.


Size: 18-1/2 x 24-1/4 inches in a handmade tiger maple frame.

Material: Oil on panel.

This painting arrives framed and ready to hang. Our museum quality frames are created with the utmost care and attention to detail. Crafted by Johnny using tiger maple, this one of a kind frame features spline corners for added strength and beauty. This frame style raises the painting, slightly overlapping the frame face. The back features a beautiful mahogany slot hanging detail.

Order Processing: 3-5 days.


Frame measurements:
W: 3/8" face
D: 1" off the wall

About this series:
The Groundwork Series explores movement through abstract mark-making. Alluding to landscapes and topography as seen from above, these textural compositions transition from quiet to bold as light and shadow shifts in your space throughout the day.

All paintings are varnished to ensure protection against fading, dirt, moisture, and discoloration. As with all art, it is best to not place in direct sunlight. Avoid wiping or touching. Using compressed-air geared for electronics is a good alternative if dusting is necessary.